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Choosing from a list of top rated washing machines for your home or apartment, with so many styles and models, could become a long process. So keep everything simple, by considering your own needs. You should think about what style and size washing machine will best fit your space, how often you use the washing machine and what features or additional settings you might use.

Some washing machines use steam cleaning or condensation to clean the clothes, a process which is quick and uses less water than a conventional washing machine. Other features to consider when purchasing a product from a list of top rated washing machines might include cycle choices, temperature settings, quiet operation and water capacity.

Water capacity for washing machines is measured in cubic feet. The higher the water capacity, the larger the laundry load.

To help narrow down the best top rated washing machines in your budget, here is a comparison of three top models, the features they offer and what specifications they have:

Electrolux Washing Machine Review

Electrolux Top Rated Washing MachinesElectrolux products are favored in over 150 countries by over 40 million customers. The Electrolux EWFLS7OJMB 27 has a 5.2 cubic feet water capacity, making it one of the largest capacity front loading washing machines on the market. This model is particularly good for large loads, and has over 90 washing cycles. The spin cycles allow for slow drying at warm temperatures, which is ideal for wool or delecates. There is also a high spin setting with high temperature drying for drying towels and bed linens. The bright LCD display is popular among customers in their reviews of the product. This product is teeming with features, boasts a larger than average load capacity and a staggering 1400 RPM spin speed.

LG Washing Machine Reviews

LG Best Rated Washing MachinesThe LG WM3455HW 24 is the perfect washer/dryer combo unit for a small home or apartment. Despite being a combination unit, this product is still one of the top rated washing machines on the market. It has a medium capacity load size (at 2.7 cubic feet) but the advantage here is the unit’s compact size, which makes it the perfect washer/dryer combo for a small apartment.

The LG features 9 washing cycles and 6 dryer cycles and a 1300 RPM spin speed. In keeping with its “apartment living” model, the LG also features the Lo Decibel quiet operation setting, which keeps spinning and drying noise to a minimum.

Samsung Washing Machine Review

Samsung Top Rated Washing MachinesThe Samsung WF448AA front loading washing machine offers 14 washing cycles and 5 temperature settings. For each of the 14 settings, you can alter the temperature of the steam or water depending on the items you are laundering. The SilverCare addition is a revolutionary new technology, eliminating odors from the washing machine. This product also has a digital LCD display with easy to read feature and settings, adjustable for each load. The display allows you to have preset cycles and favorite washing modes to avoid searching through countless cycles to find the setting you use the most. The Samsung front loader is slimline in style, and could be an additional appliance in the kitchen, if you are limited for laundry room space.


Not All Of The Top Rated Washing Machines Are Expensive.  Read More Washing Machine Reviews


Interested in buying a washing machine? Are you worried about finding the right model for your particular needs? You aren’t the only. Most people tend to get confused with the brands and companies. However, Samsung is one company which has several unique brands and models that can be used by anyone.  Read our Samsung washing machine reviews and find the best one for you and your family.

What makes Samsung the best brand in the market at present?

Samsung has had an established foothold in the world since the last 70 years. Although the company first started as a small export business in Taego, Korea; it rapidly diversified and expanded to form one of the largest multinational companies with a range of portfolios. Now Samsung can easily be rated as the foremost dealer of electronic appliances, semiconductors, and digital devices. Now the company has a foothold in nearly every country with several manufacturing and supply divisions spread out all over the world.  Samsung believes in customer support and just for that reason, they have a huge customer support division in nearly every country where they retail their goods.

Out of the many appliances that the company retails, their washing machines are the top of the line. They produce country-specific machines that have features like eco-cleaning, water reuse, more foaming action, cold water washing, etc. They have over 50 different types of washing machines with front loading and top loading versions that are fully automatic as well as semi-automatic.

Samsung Washing Machine Reviews

Which Samsung washing machine model should you choose?

Samsung produces several different types of washing machines like top loading, side loading, fully automatic, hot washes, rinse holds and so on and so forth. Samsung seems to be particularly good with front loading versions and we’ve reviewed the best models in the front loading range that are affordable too. We picked the best and most affordable versions and decided to do a few Samsung washing machine reviews which could help you out. So here goes…

Samsung Washing Machine Reviews

The Best Budget BuySamsung WA5451ANW

For small families, this top loading model was the most affordable. It is priced at an economical $800 and has everything you need in a washing machine without all the bells and whistles that tends to drive the price up.

This washing machine can hold an enormous 4.7 cu ft.  (If you are 5’4″ or shorter, you may need a step stool to get the clothes out of the bottom of this beast.)  The Samsung WA5451ANW features a LED display, child lock, 11 wash cycles, automatic temperature controls and a delay start up to 24 hours.

While this model definitely uses more water than it’s front loading counterparts, if you’re worried about serious stain removal, you can rest assured your clothes will come out just as squeaky clean as they did in your last top loading washer, if not more so.

Best Of The BestThe 4.3 cu ft Front Load Steam Washer w/ SteamCare 13 Cycles Neat

Samsung Washing Machine ReviewsThis model seems to be priced very steeply at about $1,387 with free shipping which may seem pricey. However it offers some of the best design features that other brands are charging at least $1500 for. The machine has a washing capacity of about 4.3 cu. Ft and has over 13 different wash cycles that you can run the machine through. The machine also has a separate sanitation cycle which is ideal for underwear and delicate lingerie. Apart from the 13 different wash cycles, the machine also has hot wash, cold wash, soaking options, steam cleaning and an eco-clean version which washes clothes by re-using water.

The only problem is that water temperature is pre-set through the computer programming. You cannot set individual water temperatures for each load and this can be a little risky with delicate silks and satins.

After 40 washes, the machine automatically runs the clothes water through the machine in a pure water cycle which removes scales and deposits in the machines. That definitely beats scrubbing out the machine by hand!

Samsung Washing Machine Runner-Ups

These models are good but they lack a few essential features which slotted them automatically into the runner-up category.

  • Samsung WF431ABP is a great machine priced an affordable $1,059. The machine uses Powerfoam technology to deep-clean clothes with a special foam that is created by double vibrating washers. Clothes get clean 40 times faster and the machine automatically runs the clothes through a washer, dryer and spinner for use.
  • Samsung WF511AB (4.3 cu. ft. Front Load Washer with PowerFoam Technology Steam VRT Plus and Super Capacity White) is another high end model that is priced at about $1448 with free shipping. This machine is larger for extra clothes loading. It also offers the Powerfoam technology and steam cleaning which makes clothes clean much faster than other machines. Foam penetrates fabrics more deeply, thoroughly and up to 40 times faster than detergent in conventional washers so you can confidently wash large and bulky loads like king-size comforters.

We can’t really recommend any particular model for your individual needs. However, these Samsung washing machine reviews should help you make an informed decision about the machines you are buying. The overall price and tax along with shipping charges will vary from store to store but you will usually get the best deals through online websites like


LG has been a familiar and well-respected washing machine manufacturer for many years. Plenty of households will only choose LG when they look to replace an existing washer if it ever breaks down. It is more likely, however, that you will switch your existing LG before it breaks because you like the look of new technological features. They run efficiently for years. LG washing machine reviews prove how popular and effective these machines are for providing a high quality clean that is sensitive to the needs of different fabrics. Select exactly the right program for the dirtiest towels, brightly colored shirts, and delicate white underclothes.

Onward With the LG Washing Machine Reviews

LG Wm2350hrc Front Load Washer (available in red and white)

LG Washing Machine ReviewsThe gorgeous red Lg Wm2350hrc Front Load Washer offers a massive 4.3 cubic feet of room for big loads. Save time on your washing and stuff more in safely without overloading the machine. A front load system makes it easier to get clothes in and out without having to reach down. Customers say that it handles heavy loads without jerking around violently. In fact, this machine is made with an anti-vibration component which stops that motion, and it is also quiet. Using less water, you will find that the effective spin cycle really rings out water, reducing drying time significantly. Among front loaders, this machine gives good value for money. Set the dial to one of 5 temperature levels. Select from 7 wash programs, and 9 other options.

LG WM3360HVCA (available in stainless steel)


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Go up a step to the stainless steel LG WM3360HVCA Front Load Washer. It costs more, but gives consumers a bit more power and options. Drop in more clothing at one time to wash less frequently in the 3.9 cubic foot capacity drum. Take advantage of a cold wash setting or a steam wash, as well as the setting for a speedier wash. This model comes with an exclusive feature called Allergiene, which reduces the presence of allergens from clothing, much the same way that HEPA filters reduce allergens from the environment when you vacuum. If you suffer from allergies you know how important this can be.

This model also comes with anti-vibration technology (which automatically creates a quieter experience), plus  cold and steam washes and numerous functions. These can be bewildering, so know them well before sticking anything inside the machine. Although it is possible to destroy a garment by getting this wrong, that has always been the case with any washing machine that really cleans your clothes. This one gets right down to the fibers without being tough on your clothes.

Top loading washing machines are highly desirable among consumers. For one thing, they can often be stacked if you are short of space. For another, it is easier to access clothing from the front. If you have ever bruised or cut yourself on the protruding column of a top loader, you know how painful that is, especially if you do it over and over. Things get caught on it too, especially items with straps, and this can cause damage. Front loading is generally more convenient.

The Basis For These LG Washing Machine Reviews

These LG models use less water than regular machines and are energy efficient. What this means, however, is that even if you do a regular hot wash you will need to wash your machine from time to time to rinse out dirt, grime, and excess soap. Since they use less soap, it is easy to add too much.  Special detergents are made specifically for cleaning your washing machine from time to time.

When you own an LG, you know that plumbers and electricians will be able to get the parts you need to fix a problem if one occurs. While you will probably never have any problems with a high-end machine like one of these, life happens, so it is worth knowing that you own a familiar name in the industry.

It’s very difficult for us to say anything bad about Frigidaire washing machines and refrigerators. We’ve had a Frigidaire refrigerator for more than 20 years now and it’s still working. Yes, it’s conked out a few times but a little tweaking by the company service technician and its back to normal. That does say wonders about the quality of the company and the appliances they make. Although not a front runner in the washing machine industry, Frigidaire washer reviews should be given a good read before discounting this fine company.

Frigidaire: Brand Extraordinaire

In 1915, Frigidaire invented and patented a completely new type of electric refrigerator which became very popular. As the company expanded, refrigerators from Frigidaire became very popular. The company was purchased with General Motors which recognized the high quality engineering that went into Frigidaire products. In the next decade, the company diversified into cook tops, microwaves and washers. Now a range of household appliances are produced by the company but their top loading washing machines and commercial washers and dryers are really good.

How about the different Frigidaire Washer models?

The parent website has an exhaustive product list but picking one model from all of them is really difficult. All of these are front loading models which use a far lower amount of detergent than expected. They can also be filled with water according to the existing load or you can use programmable options to run the machine. All of these models have a final high speed spin which spins out almost all of the water drying clothes almost instantly. Another point to note too is that almost every Frigidaire is Energy Star rated. This means that each model is energy efficient and it has programmable options by which the machine can choose cold water rinses to save on your energy bills.

Unlike other companies, Frigidaire offers multiple installation options for its washing machines. That means you can stack the machines side by side, on top of pedestals or fitted inside cupboards. To prevent vibration, all models are fitted with a Balance Control System which almost negates any vibration. These are probably the most silent machines we’ve come across.

Frigidaire Washer Reviews

As you can see, we’ve done most of the legwork for you and reviewed three different types of washing machines for their wash quality, performance and load. Do take a look at our Frigidaire washer reviews of the top three different types of washing machines that are really great quality for money.

Frigidaire FAFW4011LB Front Load Washer, 3.65 Cubic Ft, Classic Black (also available in white)

frigidaire washer reviewsWe like Frigidaire and imagine getting a front loading washing machine for about $899.  Amazon discounts this further by cutting the price to about $679 along with free super saver shipping which is great. As we all know, shipping for such a large appliance can easily come to about $300-$400 and that would have hiked the end price to about $1200.

Apart from price, this model has the Energy Saving option, the Vibration Control System, Programmable Express Select options, an optional fresh water rinse, and a control lock to prevent children from tripping the machine. On an average, the machine holds about 3-5 kgs of clothes but this is really great for families. Wash time is also calibrated to match the dry time so you get dry clothes as soon as the washing cycle is over.

Frigidaire FAFS4474LR Front Load Steam Washer, 3.81 Cubic Ft, Classic Red (also available in white)

Frigidaire Washer ReviewsThis is a particularly cheerful looking model with a bright red finish. It can hold a maximum of about 4 kgs but it has a huge range of cleaning options which make it ideal for an average sized family with children. For example, the machine offers a Better Clean option by which white clothes are cleaned with final fresh water rinse to retain the color. The machine also offers steam clean options, specialty cycles and a quick sanitize cycle for undergarments and for particularly gunky children’s clothing.

If you have anyone in the family who is allergy prone, we definitely recommend this model for you. The machine can steam wash, sanitize and bomb every allergen-causing nit in clothes and this is done through a revolutionary new NSF Certified Allergen Cycle. The machine is priced at $1,190 but it now retails on Amazon at about $803 with free shipping.

Frigidaire FAFS4272LR Affinity 3.81 Cu Ft DOE (4.2 Cu Ft) Front Load Steam Washer – Classic Red (available in white as well)


We like these watermelon-red machines because they have brains and beauty too. This model is worth the expense as it has better stain removal due to the steam clean and pre soak options. It is also probably the largest machine in its class. It might be a little expensive as it retails for about $1000 but on the whole a really great model.

The Bottom Line

These are our top choices in the Frigidaire washer product line and we ideally recommend the Frigidaire FAFS4474LR due to its top of the line features but low cost. Amazon is also offering a ridiculously cheap installation package at $44.99. The package provides optional parts, free installation with an optional pedestal installation, and free haul-away of your old appliances.  Who knew shopping online could be so hassle free?

Electrolux is a global brand selling more than 40 million appliances worldwide. The company has more than 50,000 employees and it also has a range of home appliance brands like Electrolux, AEG-Electrolux, Zanussi, Eureka and Frigidaire under the same umbrella. For us, the Electrolux brand has consistently proved to be a reliable company. We’ve used their refrigerators, deep freezers and their air conditioners with absolutely no problems at all. But its time to check their washing machines out and these few Electrolux washer reviews are a must-read if you are planning on buying a washer/dryer combination anytime soon.

A little history: What Make Electrolux such a good brand?

Electrolux Washer Reviews

The company was first set up in Sweden to produce the Lux lamp. The lamp became so popular that the company started to diversify into other lighting products. By the year 1910, the company had produced an in-house vacuum cleaner and a refrigerator with innovative new patents. Immediately, the company was snapped up by Axel Wenner-Gren. The popularity of the vacuum cleaner and the refrigerator put Elektromekaniska AB or AB Electrolux permanently on the world market for home appliances. The company rapidly diversified into other markets all over the world in the form of cook tops, microwaves, ovens and grills. Their semi automatic top loading and fully automatic top loading and front loading washing machines are popular all over the world. According to the latest statistics, Electrolux sells one washing machine every ten minutes which is a very impressive feat for such a large company.

Top features of Electrolux washer reviews

The most interesting feature about Electrolux is that it makes special washing machines for each market. For example, the semi automatic washing machine is very cheap and it is sold mainly in the Asian subcontinent. It’s not convenient but the machine cleans effectively, quickly and cheaply. However, if you want convenience at an affordable price, the Electrolux front loader versions are the best. Electrolux has many front loading washing machines in the market at present and choosing just one can be quite difficult.  We picked the top machines in different price ranges and we’ve done a few Electrolux washer reviews so that you can pick and choose the right one for your needs. All of their top brands are eco-friendly as they use limited water in their wash cycles. The machines are also specially designed to use soak cycles in between rinses to get all the dirt out.

So here goes-

Electrolux Washer Reviews Best Budget Model

Electrolux: EIFLW55HIW 27 Washer Island White

Electrolux Washing Machine ReviewsThis model was priced about $1000 but Amazon has discounted it to about $750 which is very affordable for a small family. As with every other Electrolux model, this machine is eco-friendly with water reuse and cold water reuse functions. There’s a small computer right on the front which is easily programmable to wash clothes at any setting. The machine looks quite small but its capable of washing bedding, dirty children’s clothing as well as pet bedding quite well. We used the recommended liquid detergent that Electrolux provided and this could be the reason for the cleaner wash. However, the manual does say that any detergent may be used with the machine. Just be careful while loading the machine (it can take about 3-4kgs of clothes) as the Smart Balance sensor refuses to spin if you overload the machine.

Best Of The Best

Electrolux EWFLS70JSS 27 5.1 cu. Ft. Front-Load Washer – Silver Sands

Electrolux Washer ReviewsAlmost every front loader cleans clothes with much better efficiency than a top loader and this machine is no different. Its probably the biggest in its class too as it can take about 4.5kg of clothes. According to the Electrolux parent website, this model is 138% more energy efficient than any other model in any class. We particularly liked the fact that it’s huge but it’s very, very silent. The machine has literally minimal to no vibrations at all and it runs very quickly through its entire wash cycle. One cycle is actually timed at 15 minutes which is ideal if you want an item washed and dried quickly. You can also pick and choose options that can be added to the wash cycle like optional steam, jet water streams or a delayed start.

The only drawback we see is the price that starts at a whopping $1400 but if you can afford it; this baby’s a Cadillac.

Runner Up:

Electrolux IQ-Touch Series EIFLS60JMB 27 Front-Load Washer with 5.0 cu. ft. Capacity Blue

Electrolux Washer Reviews(This Electrolux washer is also available in white and red.)

We think this machine would be a good investment for a large family. Price wise, it falls roughly in the middle of the budget model and the high end model but with the best features of both.  As with every other Electrolux model, this one too has eco-friendly water reuse, cold water rinses, and energy savings built into the machine. Apart from general features, we really loved the 7 specialty wash features. You can add the steam clean option to any of the wash cycles too. If you can’t afford the top-end model but don’t want the budget model either; this is the perfect version for you.

Different models might have different features but Electrolux has made sure that every model is energy saving and time saving to ensure that clothes get cleaned as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Buying a washing machine or washer is a big investment. For large families, a hardy washing machine that can regularly clean dirty children’s clothes, bedding and delicate adult clothing with a range of programmable cycles is absolutely necessary. In fact, a fully automatic washer in an affordable price range with energy saving features would be a godsend. That’s where GE washers win hands-down every time. This reputable company has washers that are high on efficiency but low on energy expenditure and cost. Nearly every model is Energy Star rated which makes them money saving in the long run too. To find the best variety for every budget and family, we decided to carry out GE washer reviews. Here is what we found.

What makes GE washing machines so good?

GE is probably the oldest company and most well-known in the US. It can easily be considered as one of the oldest brands in the world too. Its illustrious history can be traced all the way back to Thomas Edison, the father of modern electricity. Way back in the 1800’s, Thomas Edison set up the Edison General Electric Company to bring all of his patents into active production under a single umbrella corporation. But over time, the Edison General Electric Company had to fuse with its main competitor the Thomas Houston Company to deal with the demand for more electrical products. This led to the birth of General Electric in the early 1900s. After that there was no looking back. In the next two centuries of expansion, GE established a foothold in nearly every field of the modern world. Today GE has more than 3,000 employees working in four state-of-the-art facilities all over the world but they are still particularly well known for their electrical products.

General Electric

GE Washer Reviews: Which GE model to purchase?

At last count, GE was producing more than 60 different types and varieties of washing machines. A few are top loading, others are front loading but nearly every version has now been made Energy Star Rated. We found that this was a huge advantage in terms of energy savings. We did a few GE washer reviews and found these models which are really quite good value for money.

Budget Version for Small Families

G.E. GTWN4950LWS GTWN4950LWS HE Top Load Washer

We frankly found the price to be a steal at $428 but Amazon was actually selling it lower at about $399 with free shipping in a few areas. It’s going to be really hard to find something to beat that price! Apart from the price, the machine also offered a really silent wash cycle of about five kgs per wash. This weight was ideal for a small family. The machine also offered temperature control with hot and cold water rinses with HydroWave Wash Systems for really dirty loads. It’s quite a robust little machine for that price as it requires lesser water and far lesser detergent than any other machine we’ve seen to date. However, some people might not like top loaders as they tend to twist the clothes up in a bundle after the wash cycle. For this price range, this is very good machine.

Best Version for Small and Large Families

GE Washer Reviews27″ Vermillion Red Front-Load Washer With Internal Water Heater Adaptive Vibration Control Speed Wash eWash Option 4.1 DOE cu. ft. Capacity & CEE Tier III Energy Star Compliant

We’ve found that most of GE models start paying for themselves in about two years time due to the Energy Star Rating and this model is no different. This front loading machine has several different programmable cycles to specially wash clothes. It also has a great hydro heater for hot water sanitation of clothes and a eWash option by which you can choose cold water to clean your clothes. This version also has a handwash option by which the machine runs through a 1200rpm cycle to vigorously wash thick dirty clothing.

Must-See! The Gold Standard in GE Washing Machines:

GE Profile PFWS4600LWW 27 Front-Load Steam Washer 4.3 cu. ft. Capacity Energy Star Qualified


Before you buy anything, you should take a look at this model. It has nearly everything that you could require in a washing machine. The cost may be a little high at $1,499 but Amazon discounts it to about $1,136.00. It has a very effective steam washer which is ideal for children’s clothing and cotton underwear. Apart from that the machine is really high capacity as it can hold more than 5kg of clothing per cycle. Special cycles are available even for pet bedding, fleece and delicate hosiery. For busy families and professionals, the machine has an auto programmable cycle which means that you put in your clothes, detergent, bleach and fabric softener and press a button. The machine does the rest; overnight if required or through an innovative energy saving cold water option.

GE obviously has many more different types of washing machines but these are quite good in their respective categories. We hope these GE washers reviews helped.

Every consumer these days just want to get the best value for their money. This is especially true when they purchase household appliances like washing machines since this equipment plays a vital role in keeping the home clean and sanitary. People who are searching for cheap washing machines for sale primarily need to keep in mind that low price should be balanced with actual performance. What is the use of getting a washing machine that is very affordable when it cannot satisfy and deliver the kind of results that you require?  Shop wisely and you will be able to find a washing machine that not only fits your budget, but also you needs.   This is best accomplished by following the tips below.

Begin by checking the specifications that a washing machine possesses. The first thing to consider when looking for the best price washing machines would be the capacity. If you are living alone, obviously opt for a lower capacity machine such as a 3.5 cubic foot top load washer.  While a family with children should get a larger capacity washer. Children can be messy and often get their clothes dirty so you can expect a lot of loads to wash.

Cheap Washing Machines For Sale

The Samsung WF210ANW

The next thing to look into is the spin speed. Washing machines with higher spin speeds have the advantage of saving you substantial energy cost since the clothes that come out from them will take lesser time inside the dryer.

Another factor to look for when looking for cheap washing machines for sale is the efficiency rating. The higher the rating means the more you save on energy cost. The good thing is that most brands nowadays offer energy efficient washing machines making this particular aspect less of a concern.

Next is to check for features that can specifically address your needs like those that have different settings for particular types of fabric. This way you can wash your clothes appropriately and avoid damaging them in the process. But when shopping wisely, be wary of getting a washing machine that seems to contain all the features imaginable since this features jack up the price of the washing machine, and most are unnecessary.

Lastly, you should try shopping on the web since you can find that the best price washing machines are offered online, at sites like this one. The good thing is that customers review washing machines online which can be helpful in your evaluation of whether or not a particular machine is perfect for you.

Below are some of the best reviewed cheap washing machines for sale on the web.

The GE WCVH6800JWW is a 3.5-cubic-foot front loading washer, Energy Star-rated, and has 26 wash cycles and a maximum spin speed of 1,100 rpm. You will not find many features that other pricey modelss have but both consumer and independent reviews gave it favorable reviews given its bargain price. This particular brand received a good rating for washing performance, water and energy use, noise, vibration and gentleness to fabrics.

*Excellent Reviews* Samsung WF210ANW 4 cu. Ft. High Efficiency Front-Load Washer
The Samsung WF210ANW is a 4 cubic foot capacity Energy Star rated front load washer with stainless steel washing drum, soft dial touch pad controls, 6 washing cycles, 19 hour delay start option, and Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT) that reduces noise and vibrations. Positive customer reviews make this washer another excellent value for your money. It rates very well when it comes to water and energy efficiency.  It also received good reviews for being very gentle on clothes, for its quiet washing operation, and it cleans well.  The 19 hour delay start option also earns good reviews from users.

The LG WT5001CW is a top load washer that receives very good ratings from professional and consumer reviews for cleaning performance, efficiency, and noise level, and for being gentler on clothing. Those consumers who bought this model rated it high when it comes to its large capacity, quiet operation, low vibration and ease of use. Other features like the see-through lid also got a positive response from many users.

Kenmore 2800
The Kenmore 2800 is an Energy Star-rated top load washer which has a 3.6-cubic-foot capacity, 6 wash cycles and a maximum spin speed of 800 rpm. It has a dispenser drawer for detergent and fabric softener.  Professional and consumers reviews gave this brand high ratings when it comes to washing performance as well as water and energy efficiency. In terms of its gentleness on clothes and noise level though, this machine received only an average rating though many consumers still praise it for being quiet during the washing performance.

There are various good reasons why most front loading washing machine reviews have very positive evaluations and assessments toward this particular type of washer.   Here we will give a brief overview of these features and also review our favorite front load washing machines.

Front Loading Washing Machines – The Plus Points

Front Loading Washing Machine Reviews

Initially, you need to know that in terms of price tag, the front loading washing machine will cost you more. But as what mentioned before there are clear advantages that will make them the wise choice in the long term. These considerations are the main reasons why a well informed buyer will opt to buy these kinds.

  1. Efficiency and Performance - In terms of efficiency, a front loading washing machine is simply superior. The horizontal tub makes it possible to use a lesser amount of water since it tumbles the clothes into and out of the water. In fact, a lot of reliable studies revealed that water usage and consumption is reduced by a significant amount when these kinds off washing machines are employed. Since they do not have an agitator, this front loading washing machines are also gentler to clothes.
  2. Higher Capacity – Many front loading washing machine reviews will also point that this kind has a higher capacity and can accommodate more clothes than others. The reason is that it has a larger washer drum and also because it does not have an agitator which normally takes up most of the space inside a top loading washing machine. With this advantage it can accommodate more laundry per operation since it now has an additional 25-35% capacity.
  3. Energy Efficient And Savings -The one advantage that will offset the difference in the price tag between a front loader and a top loader is the excellent energy efficiency it can deliver. It only uses half as much water and two-thirds as much energy when compared to a regular top loader. Furthermore, their fast spin speeds will efficiently remove more water from clothing which in turn will mean less time for drying. That will translate later on to reduced energy consumption and savings in energy bills. Added to this is the lesser cost of detergent since the water use is at the minimum.
  4. Environment Friendly -With consumers becoming more conscious about the possible effects to the environment, being environmentally friendly is certainly an advantage for this kind of washer. Because of the lesser amount of water to being used, less detergent and less electricity consumption, front loading machines are very good for the environment.

On the other hand, there are also issues that front loading washing machine reviews will point out. Primarily among them is these kinds of machines are known to developed mold and mildew problems.  They are brought about by the moisture and dirt that are gathered in the door seal after every washing session. This in turn can give a moldy odor to clothes. However this can be remedied by draining the water completely out of the machine, leaving the door open to allow the moisture to evaporate or by cleaning them with detergent.

Below Are Our Reviews Of Our Favorite Front Loading Washing Machines On The Market Today

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Frigidaire Washer Reviews

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2011 Reviews:

LG WM3987HW 27 Front Load Washer/Dryer Combo

This highly energy and water efficient washer and dryer machine has a big washing capacity of 4.2 cubic feet which allows you to wash more clothes, sheets, towels, and others in every laundry cycle. Despite the big capacity, this machine can fit in smaller areas where normally a separate washer and dryer will not. Featured with the LG TrueBalance anti-vibration system, this machine is capable of a quiet and smooth operation, free from bothersome vibration even if you put one on the second level of your home. Most importantly this machine can remove stains and bacteria with its reliable NSF-certified Sanitary Cycle. Operating the various functions is also uncomplicated and easy with its LED Display indicators and Dial-A-Cycle controls.  This is a very appealing washing appliance that will satisfy most users.

LG WM2301HR 27 Front-Load Washer

Another water and energy efficient washer from LG that is earning excellent customer satisfaction ratings on cleaning performance and efficiency is the LG WM2301HR 27. It has a 4.2 large capacity which, like the model above can allow the user to do more laundry in one setting. Equipped with the LoDecibel Quiet System, this appliance ensures a quiet operation. It can operate at variable speeds which can reach up to 1,200 rpm, and yes this baby can clean. One energy saving advantage that this machine is recognized for is its ability to remove excess water from the clothes. This in turn will mean lesser time inside a drying machine thus saving you energy cost. Also featured in this machine is the Intelligent Electronic Controls with LED Display that ensures a straightforward and simple operation. The only customer issues to note are a possible mold and mildew odor and issues with heavier loads of laundry.

Samsung WF210ANW Front-Load Washer

Users can certainly save on utility bills when operating this machine since it consumes at least 30% less energy and 50% less water compared to other washers. One excellent feature of this machine is its ability to allow the user to set and customize washing options. It can be set to automatically regulate the hot and cold water supply.  It is important to keep the water temperature at the right level so that the detergents you use will be effective. Its VRT Plus Vibration Reduction Technology ensures quiet and smooth operation. User friendly features include a colored LCD display that provides information like remaining cycle time and other functions. When it comes to features that are of concern, this machine has a less satisfying spin cycle or RPM which means that not as much excess water can be removed from clothes. This in turn will result in a longer dry time.

Despite that particular concern, the benefits that one will get from a front load washer will definitely outweigh the said disadvantage. There lies the real difference.

Review Washing MachinesIn today’s appliance market, front load washing machines top the appliance list when consumers review washing machines. Front load machines are known for their efficient use of energy and water, better, effective use of space and low detergent use. Importantly, front load machines are gentler on clothing and are tested to last longer than top load washing machines. While they may be more expensive, the price is worth the benefits.

Top Consumer Review Washing Machines


Customer’s Review Washing Machines -

LG WM2301HR Front Load Washing Machine

LG’s LG WM2301HR starts off as being the best looking of the top machines. But don’t let looks fool you, this washing machine is a smart, tough appliance that can hold its own when compared to any other brand. With a 4.2 cubic foot load capacity, this washing machine can handle that rug and the king-size quilt as well.

A singular feature of this washing machine is the sanitize cycle which heats water to nearly 160 degrees Fahrenheit. This means clothes come out cleaner, and germ-free.

For convenience, the digital interface is spaced out well and a pedestal which comes with the machine is great for comfortable operation. Time delayed start and separate dispensers for detergent, bleach and fabric softener show a careful attention to detail.

The WM2301HR is a stylish, efficient washing machine which almost seems to hide stellar performance in a stunning design.


An Award Winner – The Bosch WFVC3300UC Washing Machine

Bosch has had a washing machine in the top five of almost every review of washing machines for some years now. The Bosch WFVC3300UC is a front loader which is a gadget guru’s dream and an environmentalists delight. Although the mammoth 4.4 cubic foot capacity is impressive enough, this washing machine boasts a number of records.

For starters, the WFVC3300UC is the U.S.A’s best machine for water efficiency as well as one of the quietest. Running at around 50 decibels, this washing machine is built to be quieter than most audible conversation.

It stands above the competition in terms of the XxtraSanitary wash which heads the water to 170 degrees Fahrenheit, a 1100 rpm spin cycle, multiple wash presets and a total cycle time of under 50 minutes. Separated dispensers, and a well designed vibration prevention mechanism stack up a lot of features for this market leader.

Its sleek lines, clean interface design and low operating cost make this the consumer’s choice of the top rated washing machines.


Samsung’s WF330ANW Front Load

Deftly combining efficiency with power, Samsung’s WF330ANW boasts sensible features such as an indented drum to reduce the wear on clothing and nine wash presets.

A 4.3 cubic foot capacity drum includes an automatic temperature control device. Intuitive LED displays track the progress of the wash cycle and additional cycles such as a rinse can be added to present programs.

This washing machine is able to take on large loads with nine unique cycles while maintaining the efficiency of a smaller machine. Samsung is one of the companies which extend a warranty of 10 years to its customers on the washing machine motor.The trademarked PureCycle self washing system ensures that this durable product stays clean and grime-free.

The Samsung  WF330ANW is available in two colors, Breakwater Blue and Neat White Electric and is reasonably priced, making this a product which consumers remember when they review washing machines.


Top Rated Washing Machine For Small Spaces -


(no longer available, read GE washer reviews here)

An important contender for the top spot in washing machines is GE’s WCVH4800KWW. Although the 2.6 cubic foot drum capacity may seem small in comparison to larger models, the 1400 rpm spin speed and rock bottom cost of operation make this the smart buyer’s choice.  GE’s own vibration reduction and grime reduction systems ensure low noise generation and no manual cleaning required.

The big selling point of the WCVH4800KWW is its size. This compact machine can blend into a small studio apartment with ease. The energy efficiency gained from a small front loader ensures that this little wonder of an appliance tops many reviews on washing machines.


Most front load washing machines including the ones reviewed come with standard features such as a child lock and automatic water level settings. These appliances make the chore of washing into a convenient pleasure.