Every consumer these days just want to get the best value for their money. This is especially true when they purchase household appliances like washing machines since this equipment plays a vital role in keeping the home clean and sanitary. People who are searching for cheap washing machines for sale primarily need to keep in mind that low price should be balanced with actual performance. What is the use of getting a washing machine that is very affordable when it cannot satisfy and deliver the kind of results that you require?  Shop wisely and you will be able to find a washing machine that not only fits your budget, but also you needs.   This is best accomplished by following the tips below.

Begin by checking the specifications that a washing machine possesses. The first thing to consider when looking for the best price washing machines would be the capacity. If you are living alone, obviously opt for a lower capacity machine such as a 3.5 cubic foot top load washer.  While a family with children should get a larger capacity washer. Children can be messy and often get their clothes dirty so you can expect a lot of loads to wash.

Cheap Washing Machines For Sale

The Samsung WF210ANW

The next thing to look into is the spin speed. Washing machines with higher spin speeds have the advantage of saving you substantial energy cost since the clothes that come out from them will take lesser time inside the dryer.

Another factor to look for when looking for cheap washing machines for sale is the efficiency rating. The higher the rating means the more you save on energy cost. The good thing is that most brands nowadays offer energy efficient washing machines making this particular aspect less of a concern.

Next is to check for features that can specifically address your needs like those that have different settings for particular types of fabric. This way you can wash your clothes appropriately and avoid damaging them in the process. But when shopping wisely, be wary of getting a washing machine that seems to contain all the features imaginable since this features jack up the price of the washing machine, and most are unnecessary.

Lastly, you should try shopping on the web since you can find that the best price washing machines are offered online, at sites like this one. The good thing is that customers review washing machines online which can be helpful in your evaluation of whether or not a particular machine is perfect for you.

Below are some of the best reviewed cheap washing machines for sale on the web.

The GE WCVH6800JWW is a 3.5-cubic-foot front loading washer, Energy Star-rated, and has 26 wash cycles and a maximum spin speed of 1,100 rpm. You will not find many features that other pricey modelss have but both consumer and independent reviews gave it favorable reviews given its bargain price. This particular brand received a good rating for washing performance, water and energy use, noise, vibration and gentleness to fabrics.

*Excellent Reviews* Samsung WF210ANW 4 cu. Ft. High Efficiency Front-Load Washer
The Samsung WF210ANW is a 4 cubic foot capacity Energy Star rated front load washer with stainless steel washing drum, soft dial touch pad controls, 6 washing cycles, 19 hour delay start option, and Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT) that reduces noise and vibrations. Positive customer reviews make this washer another excellent value for your money. It rates very well when it comes to water and energy efficiency.  It also received good reviews for being very gentle on clothes, for its quiet washing operation, and it cleans well.  The 19 hour delay start option also earns good reviews from users.

The LG WT5001CW is a top load washer that receives very good ratings from professional and consumer reviews for cleaning performance, efficiency, and noise level, and for being gentler on clothing. Those consumers who bought this model rated it high when it comes to its large capacity, quiet operation, low vibration and ease of use. Other features like the see-through lid also got a positive response from many users.

Kenmore 2800
The Kenmore 2800 is an Energy Star-rated top load washer which has a 3.6-cubic-foot capacity, 6 wash cycles and a maximum spin speed of 800 rpm. It has a dispenser drawer for detergent and fabric softener.  Professional and consumers reviews gave this brand high ratings when it comes to washing performance as well as water and energy efficiency. In terms of its gentleness on clothes and noise level though, this machine received only an average rating though many consumers still praise it for being quiet during the washing performance.

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