It’s very difficult for us to say anything bad about Frigidaire washing machines and refrigerators. We’ve had a Frigidaire refrigerator for more than 20 years now and it’s still working. Yes, it’s conked out a few times but a little tweaking by the company service technician and its back to normal. That does say wonders about the quality of the company and the appliances they make. Although not a front runner in the washing machine industry, Frigidaire washer reviews should be given a good read before discounting this fine company.

Frigidaire: Brand Extraordinaire

In 1915, Frigidaire invented and patented a completely new type of electric refrigerator which became very popular. As the company expanded, refrigerators from Frigidaire became very popular. The company was purchased with General Motors which recognized the high quality engineering that went into Frigidaire products. In the next decade, the company diversified into cook tops, microwaves and washers. Now a range of household appliances are produced by the company but their top loading washing machines and commercial washers and dryers are really good.

How about the different Frigidaire Washer models?

The parent website has an exhaustive product list but picking one model from all of them is really difficult. All of these are front loading models which use a far lower amount of detergent than expected. They can also be filled with water according to the existing load or you can use programmable options to run the machine. All of these models have a final high speed spin which spins out almost all of the water drying clothes almost instantly. Another point to note too is that almost every Frigidaire is Energy Star rated. This means that each model is energy efficient and it has programmable options by which the machine can choose cold water rinses to save on your energy bills.

Unlike other companies, Frigidaire offers multiple installation options for its washing machines. That means you can stack the machines side by side, on top of pedestals or fitted inside cupboards. To prevent vibration, all models are fitted with a Balance Control System which almost negates any vibration. These are probably the most silent machines we’ve come across.

Frigidaire Washer Reviews

As you can see, we’ve done most of the legwork for you and reviewed three different types of washing machines for their wash quality, performance and load. Do take a look at our Frigidaire washer reviews of the top three different types of washing machines that are really great quality for money.

Frigidaire FAFW4011LB Front Load Washer, 3.65 Cubic Ft, Classic Black (also available in white)

frigidaire washer reviewsWe like Frigidaire and imagine getting a front loading washing machine for about $899.  Amazon discounts this further by cutting the price to about $679 along with free super saver shipping which is great. As we all know, shipping for such a large appliance can easily come to about $300-$400 and that would have hiked the end price to about $1200.

Apart from price, this model has the Energy Saving option, the Vibration Control System, Programmable Express Select options, an optional fresh water rinse, and a control lock to prevent children from tripping the machine. On an average, the machine holds about 3-5 kgs of clothes but this is really great for families. Wash time is also calibrated to match the dry time so you get dry clothes as soon as the washing cycle is over.

Frigidaire FAFS4474LR Front Load Steam Washer, 3.81 Cubic Ft, Classic Red (also available in white)

Frigidaire Washer ReviewsThis is a particularly cheerful looking model with a bright red finish. It can hold a maximum of about 4 kgs but it has a huge range of cleaning options which make it ideal for an average sized family with children. For example, the machine offers a Better Clean option by which white clothes are cleaned with final fresh water rinse to retain the color. The machine also offers steam clean options, specialty cycles and a quick sanitize cycle for undergarments and for particularly gunky children’s clothing.

If you have anyone in the family who is allergy prone, we definitely recommend this model for you. The machine can steam wash, sanitize and bomb every allergen-causing nit in clothes and this is done through a revolutionary new NSF Certified Allergen Cycle. The machine is priced at $1,190 but it now retails on Amazon at about $803 with free shipping.

Frigidaire FAFS4272LR Affinity 3.81 Cu Ft DOE (4.2 Cu Ft) Front Load Steam Washer – Classic Red (available in white as well)


We like these watermelon-red machines because they have brains and beauty too. This model is worth the expense as it has better stain removal due to the steam clean and pre soak options. It is also probably the largest machine in its class. It might be a little expensive as it retails for about $1000 but on the whole a really great model.

The Bottom Line

These are our top choices in the Frigidaire washer product line and we ideally recommend the Frigidaire FAFS4474LR due to its top of the line features but low cost. Amazon is also offering a ridiculously cheap installation package at $44.99. The package provides optional parts, free installation with an optional pedestal installation, and free haul-away of your old appliances.  Who knew shopping online could be so hassle free?

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