LG has been a familiar and well-respected washing machine manufacturer for many years. Plenty of households will only choose LG when they look to replace an existing washer if it ever breaks down. It is more likely, however, that you will switch your existing LG before it breaks because you like the look of new technological features. They run efficiently for years. LG washing machine reviews prove how popular and effective these machines are for providing a high quality clean that is sensitive to the needs of different fabrics. Select exactly the right program for the dirtiest towels, brightly colored shirts, and delicate white underclothes.

Onward With the LG Washing Machine Reviews

LG Wm2350hrc Front Load Washer (available in red and white)

LG Washing Machine ReviewsThe gorgeous red Lg Wm2350hrc Front Load Washer offers a massive 4.3 cubic feet of room for big loads. Save time on your washing and stuff more in safely without overloading the machine. A front load system makes it easier to get clothes in and out without having to reach down. Customers say that it handles heavy loads without jerking around violently. In fact, this machine is made with an anti-vibration component which stops that motion, and it is also quiet. Using less water, you will find that the effective spin cycle really rings out water, reducing drying time significantly. Among front loaders, this machine gives good value for money. Set the dial to one of 5 temperature levels. Select from 7 wash programs, and 9 other options.

LG WM3360HVCA (available in stainless steel)


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Go up a step to the stainless steel LG WM3360HVCA Front Load Washer. It costs more, but gives consumers a bit more power and options. Drop in more clothing at one time to wash less frequently in the 3.9 cubic foot capacity drum. Take advantage of a cold wash setting or a steam wash, as well as the setting for a speedier wash. This model comes with an exclusive feature called Allergiene, which reduces the presence of allergens from clothing, much the same way that HEPA filters reduce allergens from the environment when you vacuum. If you suffer from allergies you know how important this can be.

This model also comes with anti-vibration technology (which automatically creates a quieter experience), plus  cold and steam washes and numerous functions. These can be bewildering, so know them well before sticking anything inside the machine. Although it is possible to destroy a garment by getting this wrong, that has always been the case with any washing machine that really cleans your clothes. This one gets right down to the fibers without being tough on your clothes.

Top loading washing machines are highly desirable among consumers. For one thing, they can often be stacked if you are short of space. For another, it is easier to access clothing from the front. If you have ever bruised or cut yourself on the protruding column of a top loader, you know how painful that is, especially if you do it over and over. Things get caught on it too, especially items with straps, and this can cause damage. Front loading is generally more convenient.

The Basis For These LG Washing Machine Reviews

These LG models use less water than regular machines and are energy efficient. What this means, however, is that even if you do a regular hot wash you will need to wash your machine from time to time to rinse out dirt, grime, and excess soap. Since they use less soap, it is easy to add too much.  Special detergents are made specifically for cleaning your washing machine from time to time.

When you own an LG, you know that plumbers and electricians will be able to get the parts you need to fix a problem if one occurs. While you will probably never have any problems with a high-end machine like one of these, life happens, so it is worth knowing that you own a familiar name in the industry.

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