Review Washing MachinesIn today’s appliance market, front load washing machines top the appliance list when consumers review washing machines. Front load machines are known for their efficient use of energy and water, better, effective use of space and low detergent use. Importantly, front load machines are gentler on clothing and are tested to last longer than top load washing machines. While they may be more expensive, the price is worth the benefits.

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LG WM2301HR Front Load Washing Machine

LG’s LG WM2301HR starts off as being the best looking of the top machines. But don’t let looks fool you, this washing machine is a smart, tough appliance that can hold its own when compared to any other brand. With a 4.2 cubic foot load capacity, this washing machine can handle that rug and the king-size quilt as well.

A singular feature of this washing machine is the sanitize cycle which heats water to nearly 160 degrees Fahrenheit. This means clothes come out cleaner, and germ-free.

For convenience, the digital interface is spaced out well and a pedestal which comes with the machine is great for comfortable operation. Time delayed start and separate dispensers for detergent, bleach and fabric softener show a careful attention to detail.

The WM2301HR is a stylish, efficient washing machine which almost seems to hide stellar performance in a stunning design.


An Award Winner – The Bosch WFVC3300UC Washing Machine

Bosch has had a washing machine in the top five of almost every review of washing machines for some years now. The Bosch WFVC3300UC is a front loader which is a gadget guru’s dream and an environmentalists delight. Although the mammoth 4.4 cubic foot capacity is impressive enough, this washing machine boasts a number of records.

For starters, the WFVC3300UC is the U.S.A’s best machine for water efficiency as well as one of the quietest. Running at around 50 decibels, this washing machine is built to be quieter than most audible conversation.

It stands above the competition in terms of the XxtraSanitary wash which heads the water to 170 degrees Fahrenheit, a 1100 rpm spin cycle, multiple wash presets and a total cycle time of under 50 minutes. Separated dispensers, and a well designed vibration prevention mechanism stack up a lot of features for this market leader.

Its sleek lines, clean interface design and low operating cost make this the consumer’s choice of the top rated washing machines.


Samsung’s WF330ANW Front Load

Deftly combining efficiency with power, Samsung’s WF330ANW boasts sensible features such as an indented drum to reduce the wear on clothing and nine wash presets.

A 4.3 cubic foot capacity drum includes an automatic temperature control device. Intuitive LED displays track the progress of the wash cycle and additional cycles such as a rinse can be added to present programs.

This washing machine is able to take on large loads with nine unique cycles while maintaining the efficiency of a smaller machine. Samsung is one of the companies which extend a warranty of 10 years to its customers on the washing machine motor.The trademarked PureCycle self washing system ensures that this durable product stays clean and grime-free.

The Samsung  WF330ANW is available in two colors, Breakwater Blue and Neat White Electric and is reasonably priced, making this a product which consumers remember when they review washing machines.


Top Rated Washing Machine For Small Spaces -


(no longer available, read GE washer reviews here)

An important contender for the top spot in washing machines is GE’s WCVH4800KWW. Although the 2.6 cubic foot drum capacity may seem small in comparison to larger models, the 1400 rpm spin speed and rock bottom cost of operation make this the smart buyer’s choice.  GE’s own vibration reduction and grime reduction systems ensure low noise generation and no manual cleaning required.

The big selling point of the WCVH4800KWW is its size. This compact machine can blend into a small studio apartment with ease. The energy efficiency gained from a small front loader ensures that this little wonder of an appliance tops many reviews on washing machines.


Most front load washing machines including the ones reviewed come with standard features such as a child lock and automatic water level settings. These appliances make the chore of washing into a convenient pleasure.

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