Interested in buying a washing machine? Are you worried about finding the right model for your particular needs? You aren’t the only. Most people tend to get confused with the brands and companies. However, Samsung is one company which has several unique brands and models that can be used by anyone.  Read our Samsung washing machine reviews and find the best one for you and your family.

What makes Samsung the best brand in the market at present?

Samsung has had an established foothold in the world since the last 70 years. Although the company first started as a small export business in Taego, Korea; it rapidly diversified and expanded to form one of the largest multinational companies with a range of portfolios. Now Samsung can easily be rated as the foremost dealer of electronic appliances, semiconductors, and digital devices. Now the company has a foothold in nearly every country with several manufacturing and supply divisions spread out all over the world.  Samsung believes in customer support and just for that reason, they have a huge customer support division in nearly every country where they retail their goods.

Out of the many appliances that the company retails, their washing machines are the top of the line. They produce country-specific machines that have features like eco-cleaning, water reuse, more foaming action, cold water washing, etc. They have over 50 different types of washing machines with front loading and top loading versions that are fully automatic as well as semi-automatic.

Samsung Washing Machine Reviews

Which Samsung washing machine model should you choose?

Samsung produces several different types of washing machines like top loading, side loading, fully automatic, hot washes, rinse holds and so on and so forth. Samsung seems to be particularly good with front loading versions and we’ve reviewed the best models in the front loading range that are affordable too. We picked the best and most affordable versions and decided to do a few Samsung washing machine reviews which could help you out. So here goes…

Samsung Washing Machine Reviews

The Best Budget BuySamsung WA5451ANW

For small families, this top loading model was the most affordable. It is priced at an economical $800 and has everything you need in a washing machine without all the bells and whistles that tends to drive the price up.

This washing machine can hold an enormous 4.7 cu ft.  (If you are 5’4″ or shorter, you may need a step stool to get the clothes out of the bottom of this beast.)  The Samsung WA5451ANW features a LED display, child lock, 11 wash cycles, automatic temperature controls and a delay start up to 24 hours.

While this model definitely uses more water than it’s front loading counterparts, if you’re worried about serious stain removal, you can rest assured your clothes will come out just as squeaky clean as they did in your last top loading washer, if not more so.

Best Of The BestThe 4.3 cu ft Front Load Steam Washer w/ SteamCare 13 Cycles Neat

Samsung Washing Machine ReviewsThis model seems to be priced very steeply at about $1,387 with free shipping which may seem pricey. However it offers some of the best design features that other brands are charging at least $1500 for. The machine has a washing capacity of about 4.3 cu. Ft and has over 13 different wash cycles that you can run the machine through. The machine also has a separate sanitation cycle which is ideal for underwear and delicate lingerie. Apart from the 13 different wash cycles, the machine also has hot wash, cold wash, soaking options, steam cleaning and an eco-clean version which washes clothes by re-using water.

The only problem is that water temperature is pre-set through the computer programming. You cannot set individual water temperatures for each load and this can be a little risky with delicate silks and satins.

After 40 washes, the machine automatically runs the clothes water through the machine in a pure water cycle which removes scales and deposits in the machines. That definitely beats scrubbing out the machine by hand!

Samsung Washing Machine Runner-Ups

These models are good but they lack a few essential features which slotted them automatically into the runner-up category.

  • Samsung WF431ABP is a great machine priced an affordable $1,059. The machine uses Powerfoam technology to deep-clean clothes with a special foam that is created by double vibrating washers. Clothes get clean 40 times faster and the machine automatically runs the clothes through a washer, dryer and spinner for use.
  • Samsung WF511AB (4.3 cu. ft. Front Load Washer with PowerFoam Technology Steam VRT Plus and Super Capacity White) is another high end model that is priced at about $1448 with free shipping. This machine is larger for extra clothes loading. It also offers the Powerfoam technology and steam cleaning which makes clothes clean much faster than other machines. Foam penetrates fabrics more deeply, thoroughly and up to 40 times faster than detergent in conventional washers so you can confidently wash large and bulky loads like king-size comforters.

We can’t really recommend any particular model for your individual needs. However, these Samsung washing machine reviews should help you make an informed decision about the machines you are buying. The overall price and tax along with shipping charges will vary from store to store but you will usually get the best deals through online websites like Amazon.com.

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