Choosing from a list of top rated washing machines for your home or apartment, with so many styles and models, could become a long process. So keep everything simple, by considering your own needs. You should think about what style and size washing machine will best fit your space, how often you use the washing machine and what features or additional settings you might use.

Some washing machines use steam cleaning or condensation to clean the clothes, a process which is quick and uses less water than a conventional washing machine. Other features to consider when purchasing a product from a list of top rated washing machines might include cycle choices, temperature settings, quiet operation and water capacity.

Water capacity for washing machines is measured in cubic feet. The higher the water capacity, the larger the laundry load.

To help narrow down the best top rated washing machines in your budget, here is a comparison of three top models, the features they offer and what specifications they have:

Electrolux Washing Machine Review

Electrolux Top Rated Washing MachinesElectrolux products are favored in over 150 countries by over 40 million customers. The Electrolux EWFLS7OJMB 27 has a 5.2 cubic feet water capacity, making it one of the largest capacity front loading washing machines on the market. This model is particularly good for large loads, and has over 90 washing cycles. The spin cycles allow for slow drying at warm temperatures, which is ideal for wool or delecates. There is also a high spin setting with high temperature drying for drying towels and bed linens. The bright LCD display is popular among customers in their reviews of the product. This product is teeming with features, boasts a larger than average load capacity and a staggering 1400 RPM spin speed.

LG Washing Machine Reviews

LG Best Rated Washing MachinesThe LG WM3455HW 24 is the perfect washer/dryer combo unit for a small home or apartment. Despite being a combination unit, this product is still one of the top rated washing machines on the market. It has a medium capacity load size (at 2.7 cubic feet) but the advantage here is the unit’s compact size, which makes it the perfect washer/dryer combo for a small apartment.

The LG features 9 washing cycles and 6 dryer cycles and a 1300 RPM spin speed. In keeping with its “apartment living” model, the LG also features the Lo Decibel quiet operation setting, which keeps spinning and drying noise to a minimum.

Samsung Washing Machine Review

Samsung Top Rated Washing MachinesThe Samsung WF448AA front loading washing machine offers 14 washing cycles and 5 temperature settings. For each of the 14 settings, you can alter the temperature of the steam or water depending on the items you are laundering. The SilverCare addition is a revolutionary new technology, eliminating odors from the washing machine. This product also has a digital LCD display with easy to read feature and settings, adjustable for each load. The display allows you to have preset cycles and favorite washing modes to avoid searching through countless cycles to find the setting you use the most. The Samsung front loader is slimline in style, and could be an additional appliance in the kitchen, if you are limited for laundry room space.


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