There are various good reasons why most front loading washing machine reviews have very positive evaluations and assessments toward this particular type of washer.   Here we will give a brief overview of these features and also review our favorite front load washing machines.

Front Loading Washing Machines – The Plus Points

Front Loading Washing Machine Reviews

Initially, you need to know that in terms of price tag, the front loading washing machine will cost you more. But as what mentioned before there are clear advantages that will make them the wise choice in the long term. These considerations are the main reasons why a well informed buyer will opt to buy these kinds.

  1. Efficiency and Performance - In terms of efficiency, a front loading washing machine is simply superior. The horizontal tub makes it possible to use a lesser amount of water since it tumbles the clothes into and out of the water. In fact, a lot of reliable studies revealed that water usage and consumption is reduced by a significant amount when these kinds off washing machines are employed. Since they do not have an agitator, this front loading washing machines are also gentler to clothes.
  2. Higher Capacity – Many front loading washing machine reviews will also point that this kind has a higher capacity and can accommodate more clothes than others. The reason is that it has a larger washer drum and also because it does not have an agitator which normally takes up most of the space inside a top loading washing machine. With this advantage it can accommodate more laundry per operation since it now has an additional 25-35% capacity.
  3. Energy Efficient And Savings -The one advantage that will offset the difference in the price tag between a front loader and a top loader is the excellent energy efficiency it can deliver. It only uses half as much water and two-thirds as much energy when compared to a regular top loader. Furthermore, their fast spin speeds will efficiently remove more water from clothing which in turn will mean less time for drying. That will translate later on to reduced energy consumption and savings in energy bills. Added to this is the lesser cost of detergent since the water use is at the minimum.
  4. Environment Friendly -With consumers becoming more conscious about the possible effects to the environment, being environmentally friendly is certainly an advantage for this kind of washer. Because of the lesser amount of water to being used, less detergent and less electricity consumption, front loading machines are very good for the environment.

On the other hand, there are also issues that front loading washing machine reviews will point out. Primarily among them is these kinds of machines are known to developed mold and mildew problems.  They are brought about by the moisture and dirt that are gathered in the door seal after every washing session. This in turn can give a moldy odor to clothes. However this can be remedied by draining the water completely out of the machine, leaving the door open to allow the moisture to evaporate or by cleaning them with detergent.

Below Are Our Reviews Of Our Favorite Front Loading Washing Machines On The Market Today

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2011 Reviews:

LG WM3987HW 27 Front Load Washer/Dryer Combo

This highly energy and water efficient washer and dryer machine has a big washing capacity of 4.2 cubic feet which allows you to wash more clothes, sheets, towels, and others in every laundry cycle. Despite the big capacity, this machine can fit in smaller areas where normally a separate washer and dryer will not. Featured with the LG TrueBalance anti-vibration system, this machine is capable of a quiet and smooth operation, free from bothersome vibration even if you put one on the second level of your home. Most importantly this machine can remove stains and bacteria with its reliable NSF-certified Sanitary Cycle. Operating the various functions is also uncomplicated and easy with its LED Display indicators and Dial-A-Cycle controls.  This is a very appealing washing appliance that will satisfy most users.

LG WM2301HR 27 Front-Load Washer

Another water and energy efficient washer from LG that is earning excellent customer satisfaction ratings on cleaning performance and efficiency is the LG WM2301HR 27. It has a 4.2 large capacity which, like the model above can allow the user to do more laundry in one setting. Equipped with the LoDecibel Quiet System, this appliance ensures a quiet operation. It can operate at variable speeds which can reach up to 1,200 rpm, and yes this baby can clean. One energy saving advantage that this machine is recognized for is its ability to remove excess water from the clothes. This in turn will mean lesser time inside a drying machine thus saving you energy cost. Also featured in this machine is the Intelligent Electronic Controls with LED Display that ensures a straightforward and simple operation. The only customer issues to note are a possible mold and mildew odor and issues with heavier loads of laundry.

Samsung WF210ANW Front-Load Washer

Users can certainly save on utility bills when operating this machine since it consumes at least 30% less energy and 50% less water compared to other washers. One excellent feature of this machine is its ability to allow the user to set and customize washing options. It can be set to automatically regulate the hot and cold water supply.  It is important to keep the water temperature at the right level so that the detergents you use will be effective. Its VRT Plus Vibration Reduction Technology ensures quiet and smooth operation. User friendly features include a colored LCD display that provides information like remaining cycle time and other functions. When it comes to features that are of concern, this machine has a less satisfying spin cycle or RPM which means that not as much excess water can be removed from clothes. This in turn will result in a longer dry time.

Despite that particular concern, the benefits that one will get from a front load washer will definitely outweigh the said disadvantage. There lies the real difference.