Buying a washing machine or washer is a big investment. For large families, a hardy washing machine that can regularly clean dirty children’s clothes, bedding and delicate adult clothing with a range of programmable cycles is absolutely necessary. In fact, a fully automatic washer in an affordable price range with energy saving features would be a godsend. That’s where GE washers win hands-down every time. This reputable company has washers that are high on efficiency but low on energy expenditure and cost. Nearly every model is Energy Star rated which makes them money saving in the long run too. To find the best variety for every budget and family, we decided to carry out GE washer reviews. Here is what we found.

What makes GE washing machines so good?

GE is probably the oldest company and most well-known in the US. It can easily be considered as one of the oldest brands in the world too. Its illustrious history can be traced all the way back to Thomas Edison, the father of modern electricity. Way back in the 1800’s, Thomas Edison set up the Edison General Electric Company to bring all of his patents into active production under a single umbrella corporation. But over time, the Edison General Electric Company had to fuse with its main competitor the Thomas Houston Company to deal with the demand for more electrical products. This led to the birth of General Electric in the early 1900s. After that there was no looking back. In the next two centuries of expansion, GE established a foothold in nearly every field of the modern world. Today GE has more than 3,000 employees working in four state-of-the-art facilities all over the world but they are still particularly well known for their electrical products.

General Electric

GE Washer Reviews: Which GE model to purchase?

At last count, GE was producing more than 60 different types and varieties of washing machines. A few are top loading, others are front loading but nearly every version has now been made Energy Star Rated. We found that this was a huge advantage in terms of energy savings. We did a few GE washer reviews and found these models which are really quite good value for money.

Budget Version for Small Families

G.E. GTWN4950LWS GTWN4950LWS HE Top Load Washer

We frankly found the price to be a steal at $428 but Amazon was actually selling it lower at about $399 with free shipping in a few areas. It’s going to be really hard to find something to beat that price! Apart from the price, the machine also offered a really silent wash cycle of about five kgs per wash. This weight was ideal for a small family. The machine also offered temperature control with hot and cold water rinses with HydroWave Wash Systems for really dirty loads. It’s quite a robust little machine for that price as it requires lesser water and far lesser detergent than any other machine we’ve seen to date. However, some people might not like top loaders as they tend to twist the clothes up in a bundle after the wash cycle. For this price range, this is very good machine.

Best Version for Small and Large Families

GE Washer Reviews27″ Vermillion Red Front-Load Washer With Internal Water Heater Adaptive Vibration Control Speed Wash eWash Option 4.1 DOE cu. ft. Capacity & CEE Tier III Energy Star Compliant

We’ve found that most of GE models start paying for themselves in about two years time due to the Energy Star Rating and this model is no different. This front loading machine has several different programmable cycles to specially wash clothes. It also has a great hydro heater for hot water sanitation of clothes and a eWash option by which you can choose cold water to clean your clothes. This version also has a handwash option by which the machine runs through a 1200rpm cycle to vigorously wash thick dirty clothing.

Must-See! The Gold Standard in GE Washing Machines:

GE Profile PFWS4600LWW 27 Front-Load Steam Washer 4.3 cu. ft. Capacity Energy Star Qualified


Before you buy anything, you should take a look at this model. It has nearly everything that you could require in a washing machine. The cost may be a little high at $1,499 but Amazon discounts it to about $1,136.00. It has a very effective steam washer which is ideal for children’s clothing and cotton underwear. Apart from that the machine is really high capacity as it can hold more than 5kg of clothing per cycle. Special cycles are available even for pet bedding, fleece and delicate hosiery. For busy families and professionals, the machine has an auto programmable cycle which means that you put in your clothes, detergent, bleach and fabric softener and press a button. The machine does the rest; overnight if required or through an innovative energy saving cold water option.

GE obviously has many more different types of washing machines but these are quite good in their respective categories. We hope these GE washers reviews helped.